I grew up wanting, more than anything, to marry my prince and to become a mom. I always knew I wanted to be not only a mom but the most extraordinary mom…the perfect mom. I had idealized this image of the person I would become as a mother. I would have to do everything right and never make any mistakes because I would want my child to have the absolute best of everything life has to offer.

Childcare has always been something I’ve been naturally good at. I felt as though, having been educated in the field of childhood education in college and with the combination of babysitting/daycare teaching/nannying for over half of my life, I already knew everything it took to become the perfect mom.

Well, since I have met my prince.

5451_689165155649_7955866_n   we got married in 2009 and soon after   217482_976422285059_7898305_n

went through the agonizing 9 months of pregnancy and then we were blessed with the most amazing gift; our son.

On April 19th 2011 at 5:43pm


Liam Phillip Kenworthy came into this world and made me a mother.

My lifelong dream had finally come true. There he was…this baby boy who would someday become a man, whom I was now responsible to care for and love and finally be the perfect mother I had always fantasized about becoming.

Well as it turns out, unfortunately, I am not perfect.

Raising a child is the most challenging yet most rewarding journey I have ever experienced. The unconditional love I feel for Liam is unlike anything I have ever known. I now know that it’s unrealistic to be a perfect mom …but I can try my hardest to at least be above average at the whole parenting thing!


So please don’t judge me here for my mistakes, parenting or otherwise, and I hope I can engage you with stories of my experiences as a parent, give you creative ideas of places to go and things to do with your own children along with my DIY projects and hopefully make peace with my own imperfections along the way!


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